Why Streaming Video Makes You Wait

January 28, 2016

Have you ever wondered why this spinning icon Throbber shows up whenever you try to play an online video or skip forward in it? This video explains what’s happening and why:


Variables vs. Arrays vs. Objects

August 16, 2012

Having recently worked with a couple of groups developing games, I’ve found myself explaining nuances of programming concepts. Here’s one such topic I find I must cover with new developers: when to use a variable vs. an array vs. an object. I whipped up this quick video to explain the difference, and since summer picnic season is upon us, I leveraged some related food and props appropriately…

Stay hungry, my programmers!

Have you hit technology overload (yet)?

March 5, 2009

I recently sat through a meeting in which the presenters needed a little help setting up for the presentation. You see, the presentation was not only comprised of computer-based slides, but also a few video clips as well. What was the difficulty? Understanding how to make it all work together… especially getting the audio to come through the speakers.

Now, I realize I’m different than many presenters. I have an extensive background in multimedia. I was glad to help the presenters, but afterward, when they thanked me profusely, I began questioning if I had really done so much — if I was really “specially” helpful — or if some basic technologies are just really (still) not understood.

Though the VCR is nearly dead, remember the old semi-humorous question, “Can you set your VCR clock?” or the variant, “Can you program your VCR?” Read the rest of this entry »