Have you hit technology overload (yet)?

March 5, 2009

I recently sat through a meeting in which the presenters needed a little help setting up for the presentation. You see, the presentation was not only comprised of computer-based slides, but also a few video clips as well. What was the difficulty? Understanding how to make it all work together… especially getting the audio to come through the speakers.

Now, I realize I’m different than many presenters. I have an extensive background in multimedia. I was glad to help the presenters, but afterward, when they thanked me profusely, I began questioning if I had really done so much — if I was really “specially” helpful — or if some basic technologies are just really (still) not understood.

Though the VCR is nearly dead, remember the old semi-humorous question, “Can you set your VCR clock?” or the variant, “Can you program your VCR?” Read the rest of this entry »