A workforce smarter than a first grader

July 13, 2010

I recently bumped into someone who confessed that many of her coworkers (at a fairly large company) were probably no more computer-savvy than a first grader. Based on the examples we discussed, and also drawing from my direct experience with first¬†graders’¬†PC acumen, I believe the claim to be true. This begs the question… Read the rest of this entry »

Has the recession impacted technology adoption?

February 28, 2009

A friend of mine recently took a new job. In the current economic climate, I was pleased he was able to find a different job, but I still asked why he made the change. He indicated head-count was being reduced in the cutting edge technology company in which he was previously working. Presumably, customer demand had dwindled in the last year, resulting in the layoffs. With decreasing work in this new technology area, my friend fortunately had the opportunity to depart before the axe could get around to him.

It got me thinking about the cause: reduced customer demand for new technology… in a recession. How is the recession affecting technology adoption? First, how is it affecting existing technology users? I can see a couple of potential responses here, so I’m going to poll for your thoughts on this (and feel free to openly comment at the end of the post, too.)

Secondly, what might the impact of the recession and changing job market on those less familiar with technology? It is possible we’ll actually see more new users as jobs shift? Will those that have lost older jobs need to come up to speed on newer, more technology-oriented forms of employment? Will those who have lost their retirement return to the workforce and require significant training to engage a modern, technology-heavy workplace?

Your thoughts?