Explaining Abbreviations

February 29, 2012

If you’ve ever wondered why AM means morning, PM stands for afternoon, “e.g.” means “for example,” and “lbs” is the abbreviation for pounds, here’s a clever short video from the Yahoo! Who Knew? series that explains all of those and more.

While this video doesn’t have much to do with explaining technology, it’s still a wonderful explanation. I appreciate it because, as an author and consultant, I do write a quite a bit and have always wondered where these common abbreviations find their origin.

Who knew? Now we do. Thanks, Yahoo!

A casual sports fan’s request of Google, Microsoft, or Apple

October 4, 2010

Just briefly, I’m going to go off-topic with a challengeI have for Google, Microsoft, or Apple to solve… because I have an admittedly selfish dream. Read the rest of this entry »