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Ben Kobulnicky specializes in explaining concepts through metaphors, analogies, stories, props, illustrations, animations, videos, simulations and games. He has over 15 years of design, production, and consulting experience in Business Technology and e-Learning industries, having worked on the behalf of several Fortune 100 companies as well as the US government and several branches of the US armed services. His professional lives have included:

  • helping manage a creative communications & training company
  • spearheading the interactive multimedia unit of an e-learning firm
  • research, design, and consulting as technology & business analyst for a Fortune 100 company

The Explain Technology blog was Ben’s first public forum for promoting digital literacy,  birthed while crafting The Ultimate PC Primer — a book designed to teach core personal computing concepts to senior citizens with no prior understanding of software-driven technology. But while the blog started as a vehicle for promoting digital literacy — computer literacy in particular — it evolved into a venue for explaining all types of technology concepts through his unique style and techniques.

Realizing he had honed a skill valuable for explaining intangible and multi-faceted concepts, Ben later broadened his pursuits, expanding beyond just technology to bring “light-bulb moments” to more audiences. Today he spends most of his professional time consulting on and explaining the intersections of business, strategy, culture, and human nature. To catch up on his current pursuits, check out his animated thinking on Medium, watch some thought-provoking videos on his personal YouTube channel, or follow his thoughts and announcements via Twitter: @benkobulnicky.

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