What happened to the technology explainer?

This may be the last post on this blog. I don’t know that 100% for certain, but I feel it’s time to “officially” move on. No, I’m not calling it quits on explaining. I’ve just expanded.

You see, I started explaining technology as a hobby. I wanted to help people. To encourage and inspire. To bring the light-bulb moment. And I think I did. But what I didn’t expect was what all the work of making a blog, a book, and a YouTube channel would teach me. It taught me I could probably explain other difficult, intangible concepts, to help even more people. So I haven’t been putting effort into Explain Technology in the last year or two because I’ve been remaking myself, discovering new passions, and developing some new skills in order to go bigger, in less of a “hobby” way and more in a professional “day job” way.

My new expanded focus is about visually explaining the intersections of business, technology, strategy, culture, and human nature. If you want to to catch up on my current pursuits, check out my animated thinking on Medium, watch some thought-provoking videos on my new personal YouTube channel, or keep tabs on me via Twitter: @benkobulnicky. Thanks for your interest.

And to those I encouraged and inspired here, keep on explaining! It’s worth it, and you never know where it will take you next.

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