LMFAO parody to explain jQuery?

As a colleague and I were providing some introductory web development training, one of our pupils asked some questions about how web content works that isn’t static, changing state either by positional movement or by appearing/disappearing. The web pages in question used jQuery, and it was during our explanation of some basic jQuery concepts that I found myself saying something that sounded a little too much like LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It.”  Parodies of that song abound, so I thought, “Why not a parody to explain jQuery?” And this emerged shortly afterward:

As they view my site
they all see my content show and hide.

Up, down, and side to side
they ask how all my panels slide.

Don’t look in the <body>
It’s not in the <body>
Don’t look in the <body>
Nuh uh; Check it out!

As you step through my code (yeaah)
this is what you’ll see  (o-kay)


It’s easy to select a class,




or an ID.


A hidden <div> is in my DOM

<div id="myPrecious" class="HobbitRingOn">

and this is how I show it! (show it, show it)


It’s jQuery and I know it.

I’ve always loved teaching via parody, so maybe I’ll find the time to produce the entire song at some point. Until then, I hope you found this short snippet humorous and helpful.

And now, let the $(“body”) and .toggle().toggle().toggle() jokes about possible parody lyrics begin.

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