Explaining Bandwidth and File Size

What is bandwidth? Why does everything seem to slow down when viewing a large photograph or YouTube video on a PC?

Faced with explaining (to a non-technical audience) how internet connection speed and file size impact the user’s experience, I came up with a simple explanation using props: balloons. Here’s the 90-second version that should be adequate for most “normal users.”

I conceived this when challenged by a client to explain their critical conflicts between file size and bandwidth using only one Power Point slide of bulleted text. (Using a story based on key analogies, the explanation took several pages of text in written form.) I accepted the challenge, under the condition I could set up that single slide with this prop/analogy. And it worked for the client, though I wasn’t surprised considering I’ve often resorted to props before as one method for explaining technical concepts.

So, does it work for you?

One Response to Explaining Bandwidth and File Size

  1. Melonie Payne says:

    That explanation was right on point. Thank you for catering to visual learners!

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