First Contact: 60-year-old, meet computer

Over on Borris’ Blog, there’s a fresh story of Joe, a 60-year old who experiences a PC for the first time. It’s an incredible blow-by-blow report of what a PC looks like to a total newcomer.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me. If I had a way to contact Joe, I’d mail him a copy of The Ultimate PC Primer. Speaking of the book…

I’m actually looking for people just like Joe to be a part of some case studies to document the effectiveness of The Ultimate PC Primer, a little like usability studies but much less focused on specific tasks.  Here’s the premise: While in front of a PC, ask a simple set of questions of the newcomer. (I expect the initial responses to be much like Joe’s: “I don’t know what anything means.”) Give them a few weeks to read the book, and then ask the same set of questions again. Ideally, I’d like to capture the responses in video form. If you know anyone who is willing to participate and fits a “Joe” type of profile, drop me a line.

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