Finally! A computer book for your mom (or dad)

Cover of The Ultimate PC Primer by Ben KobulnickyJust in time for Mother’s Day, The Ultimate PC Primer is a newly released resource for those who have struggled to get their mother, father, or other older relatives and friends to consistently understand personal computers. Using analogies, stories, and illustrations that compare core computing concepts to real-world things, the book is intended to bring both new and existing PC users to a baseline of knowledge and understanding so that family, friends, and tech support can at least have a “same language” dialog. It’s not a miracle fix — no computer book can be —  but it’s a starting point that everyone needs. With its reasonable price, it can easily be purchased along with one of the thick, traditional “how-to” computer reference books.

If you’re one of those people who have struggled to get mom or dad to understand computing, and you’ve found other resources to be too complicated or too technical, give it a try. While it’s largely written for those who are newer to managing their own computing experience — retirees from non-technology-centric fields, senior citizens, etc. —  it would probably also be a great help to those needing to come out of retirement into the workforce again who might never have needed to depend on PC skills before.

It is available via Amazon or the publisher today, and within a month it should be able to be ordered through any major U.S. bookseller.

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