Google Teaches Tech to Parents?

Radhika Marya reports over on that Google Launches Site for Teaching Tech to Your Parents. The site is

Notably, the first tutorial on the site is Copy & Paste, which is one of the core concepts in my new book. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Google employees have found they need to teach technology to their parents, but I do find it just a tad ironic (since Google has earned its reputation on “cutting edge” technology). However, I’m thrilled someone else — epsecially such a large player — is realizing that there are other computer users in the world who need a little help with basic concepts. Speaking of which:

I’m thrilled to report that I’m in the final pre-publication stages with The Ultimate PC Primer. While I don’t think I’ll make my original deadline of “before Christmas,” I strongly supect the book will be available in January. Perhaps it’ll make a nice post-holiday gift for all those parents who were given a new computer or are still struggling to understand the one gifted in previous years.

Stay tuned.

One Response to Google Teaches Tech to Parents?

  1. Ben K says:

    A few interesting items of note if you take the time to click the mashable post link (above) and view the reader comments…. many are saying things like “This is great, but still not basic enough for my parents.” And “This would be great, but to send them the link they’d need to know how to use e-mail to begin with.”

    My interpretation: these readers are all talking about parents that don’t have foundational core concepts down. So, Google’s new site likely won’t help those with the greatest frustration. A site that is essentially a video-based proceedural guide for specific topics won’t help that much.

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