Too Scared to Right-Click

I recently overheard a student talking about his internship. Specifically, he mentioned having to show a much older colleague how to use the right-mouse button to activate (and use the options on) the contextual menu. He was astonished that someone who had used a computer at work for that long had never used the right mouse button before, ever.

(For just a moment, I’d like to indulge in imagining why that individual never clicked the right mouse button. Fear? A mandate from the IT department? A variation on a Monty Python skit is coming to mind…”Thou shalt not click the right mouse button but only the left mouse button.” I digress…)

Apparently, his older pupil was delighted….allegedly changed his/her way of computing as a result of efficiencies which could be gained. I’m not surprised. Yet another core PC concept was never taught until much too late in a career.

There are thousands of situations like this in the workforce. If you have a quick example of a similar situation, please share it.

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