Promoting tech smart employees

Everyone once in a while I stumble upon — or in this case, get sent from a friend — something that reminds me of why I became passionate about seeing the average technology consumer’s base knowledge level increase. In How IT-Smart Is Your Organization, Susan Cramm provokes readers to think about how voluntarily being more “IT smart” could make an entire corporation more effective. Her article is focused specifically on IT, but I think the lessons can be extended to technology in general within the corporate space. Part of why I champion basic computer skills is for the same reason Ms. Cramm desires to see IT engagement improved: it would be one of the healthiest and most efficient investments. In my observation, having most employees even modestly more tech savvy would eliminate a lot of overhead on basic support and streamline productivity in this digital age. I’ve certainly observed my share of organizations where many employees don’t know how to un-dock a laptop or organize files beyond moving them around on the computer’s desktop. It’s another reason why I’m convinced there’s a market for core skill training on PCs and digital technology in general. Of course, my goal isn’t to turn everyone into an engineer, but rather into modestly skilled, well informed technology consumers. I think it’s doable and necessary, and I’d sure like to witness the result of boosting basic technology proficiency in just one large organization.

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