The year in review: the state of (explaining) technology

August 17, 2009

As Explain Technology turns one year old, I thought it a great time to give a “State of Explaining Technology” address. What has changed in the technology space that affects the understanding of technology? How can those of us who seek to explain it learn how our models need to change? Where has there been improvement in technology design, allowing for easier adoption? Here’s a look back at several key areas… Read the rest of this entry »

A new partner in explaining technology

August 5, 2009

Thanks to Ryan for pointing out Lee LeFever’s recent start of a series on crafting good explanations, especially his post, Stop Talking About Technology. His three questions that he asks all “explainers” to ask themselves before attempting to explain technology are the exact ones I asked myself while writing The Ultimate PC Primer in the past few years.

I’ve added Common Craft to my list of other sites of interest (a.k.a. the blogroll, to use a techie term). Keep the good stuff coming, Lee, and know that I’m right there with you.