It’s the users, stupid! Vista, Win7, Chrome and how OS vendors might get some new market share

July 8, 2009

I’m long overdue for a new computer. Looong, overdue. But I’m waiting. “Why?!?” people ask me. Well, truth be told, I’m trying to figure out what’s going to serve me best, though it’s not like there’s much choice of operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux. Choose and be done, right? Now, I’ve used Mac and Linux before as supplimentary systems, but Windows has always been my primary. I’ve been on Windows for a long time. I’m used to it. It’s familiar. And I originally planned on going from XP to Vista, like many others. But after reading all the press after the painful Vista launch — users “upgrading” from Vista to XP and even Microsoft admitting after Visa that the next version of Windows would be “less annoying” than Vista — I decided to hold off. Then came the final nail in the “upgrade coffin”: a Microsoft employee actually told me Windows 7 was so much superior to Vista, he recommended hanging on with XP until Windows 7 is realeased. Ouch.

What went so wrong with Vista? It doesn’t look bad. It’s not like Microsoft put too little effort into it. Major initiative, lots of resources, lots of time spent, but lots of users still hate/hated it. Complaints abound. So what’s the deal? Where did Microsoft go wrong with what, technically, seems to be a really cutting edge operating system. Well, in my opinion… Read the rest of this entry »