File this!

May 2, 2009

A family member recently upgraded from an “old” Windows XP machine to new brand new, “direct from the big-box electronics store” Windows Vista machine. Since he had a lot of data on the old computer’s hard drive, he took advantage of (or, based on how the story ends, was taken advantage of by) the store’s offer to extract his existing files to DVD-Rs and re-load them on the new PC, for a small service fee, of course. Sounds like it should save some time, correct? After all, those documents, spreadsheets, and digital photos might be a bother to burn to CD-R and then re-copy. And while a direct copy might be easier yet, that procedure is solidly outside the realm of most novices’ capabilities.

So, nartually, after paying this fee and taking home the new PC with two DVDs of archived files, I got the phone call: Read the rest of this entry »